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OMANURA: Shuttlecraft to Starbase Cochran. Shuttlecraft to Starbase Cochran. We have temporarily abandoned the Wreck – Ing – Hu although we have the Guinness Device secured. We are enroute to coordinates 48-16-e-2-306-q on Ceti-Alpha-5.

HULU: Hundreds of trainees left to their fates ….

DR. MCGOO: The Shuttlecraft seems to get more crowded every time we have to run and hide. Everyone but me is swelling every year. Snotty, time to put you on a diet.

SNOTTY: ‘ave I ever told you w’at I REALLY think of your charming personality, Doctor?

DR. MCGOO: Only at every facultative meeting, Mr. Snot.

MR. SCHLOCK: In the 21st Century, the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology developed ….

DR. MCGOO: Will you shut the hell up?

CAPTAIN JERK: My plan is working perfectly. I KNEW I had greater insight than Kan!


OMANURA: I never in all my life planned on being marooned. No place to get my hair done. No place to do my nails. They don’t even have a boutique!

HULU: I just hope they have a bike rack.

CAPTAIN JERK: Mr. Snot. See if you can affix some paper towels with the tracking beam.

SNOTTY: That wou’ take MORE than a miracle, Captin.

MR. SCHLOCK: Captain. I believe I may be able to reconfigure the Guinness Device to ….

DR. MCGOO: Mr. Tickoff, hand me your phaser.

HULU: Where is Nurse Babble?

TICKOFF: She wasn’t able to access the Turbolift to the exit bay on Deck 12 in time.

_ _ _ _ _ _

CANNON FODDER: qaJa’pu’ HIqaghQo’

COMMISSAR SHEEA’VEGLLGI: tjhIgnan jIH Qu’va D IL nettu kej

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COMMISSAR SHEEA’VEGLLGI: Qagh wyqrw yIDoghQoO’ bIjath ‘e’ yImev.

Nugjathl maj majQa’ ‘arloghQoylu ngop.

CANNON FODDER: nugjtmajQo’ goslIj qaStah.

HULU: Why is my paperwork due on time, but Mr. Snot is allowed to turn his in months after the due date without penalty? It seems an odd way to run an enterprise.

DR. MCGOO: Lt. Omanura, just exactly what IS your job on this 4-year voyage?

OMANURA: I don’t know. Why? Oh look! A tribble!

HARVEY MUDD: For you, madam, only 18 trillion euros.

OMANURA: I’ll write you a check using the Wreck – Ing – Hu’s account.

TICKOFF: Where is ze Keptin?

HULU: Busy watching re-runs of ‘Kung-Fool.’

MR. SCHLOCK: I have received a subspace communication indicating that Captain stDarr has entered into contractual negotiations with the captives.

DR. MCGOO: My god, man. Armageddon!

HULU: I attend class. I do higher quality and timely work, but I don’t get promoted, whereas ….

SNOTTY: Mr. Hulu. Don’t stress your fragile young mind with such questions.

CAPTAIN JERK: Why hasn’t stDarr blasted us with phasers? He MUST be up to something!

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fisherman 664.fis.00897 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

The Fisherman and His Nets

A Fisherman, engaged in his calling, made a very successful cast and captured a great haul of fish. He managed by a skillful handling of his net to retain all the large fish and to draw them to the shore; but he could not prevent the smaller fish from falling back through the meshes of the net into the sea.

The Huntsman and the Fisherman

A Huntsman, returning with his dogs from the field, fell in by chance with a Fisherman who was bringing home a basket well laden with fish. The Huntsman wished to have the fish, and their owner experienced an equal longing for the contents of the game-bag. They quickly agreed to exchange the produce of their day's sport. Each was so well pleased with his bargain that they made for some time the same exchange day after day. Finally a neighbor said to them, "If you go on in this way, you will soon destroy by frequent use the pleasure of your exchange, and each will again wish to retain the fruits of his own sport."

Abstain and enjoy.

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decreed 559.dec.0 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

As it was, one of Plautus's freedmen, thanks to swift winds, arrived before the centurion and brought him a message from his father-in-law, Lucius Antistius. "He was to avoid the obvious refuge of a coward's death, and in the pity felt for a noble name he would soon find good men to help him, and daring spirits would rally round him. Meantime no resource was to be rejected. If he did but repel sixty soldiers (this was the number on the way), while tidings were being carried back to Nero, while another force was on its march, many events would follow which would ripen into war. Finally, by this plan he either secured safety, or he would suffer nothing worse by daring than by cowardice."

But all this had no effect on Plautus. Either he saw no resource before him, an unarmed exile as he was, or he was weary of an uncertain hope, or was swayed by his love of his wife and of his children, to whom he thought the emperor, if harassed by no anxiety, would be more merciful. Some say that another message came to him from his father-in-law, representing that no dreadful peril hung over him, and that two teachers of philosophy, Coeranus from Greece and Musonius from Etruria, advised him to await death with firmness rather than lead a precarious and anxious life. At all events, he was surprised at midday, when stripped for exercise. In that state the centurion slew him in the presence of Pelago, an eunuch, whom Nero had set over the centurion and his company, like a despot's minister over his satellites.

The head of the murdered man was brought to Rome. At its sight the emperor exclaimed (I give his very words), "Why would you have been a Nero?" Then casting off all fear he prepared to hurry on his marriage with Poppaea, hitherto deferred because of such alarms as I have described, and to divorce his wife Octavia, notwithstanding her virtuous life, because her father's name and the people's affection for her made her an offence to him. He wrote, however, a letter to the Senate, confessing nothing about the murders of Sulla and Plautus, but merely hinting that both had a restless temper, and that he gave the most anxious thought to the safety of the State. On this pretext a thanksgiving was decreed, and also the expulsion from the Senate of Sulla and Plautus, more grievous, however, as a farce than as an actual calamity.

Nero, on receiving this decree of the Senate and seeing that every piece of his wickedness was regarded as a conspicuous merit, drove Octavia from him, alleging that she was barren, and then married Poppaea. The woman

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Berloiz 84.ber.0277 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Berlioz is the Chairman of the Board of MASSOLIT, the literary association roughly based on the Soviet Writers' Union. He is middle-aged, paunchy, a typical representative of the intelligent hack, a good follower and inculcator of the official line.

Berlioz shares his last name with Hector Berlioz, the French composer of the Symphonie Fantastique and the Damnation of Faust. Several names in the novel are connected to music.

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documents 552.doc.842 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

The most important documents in Soviet life included the passport, the propiska, and any membership cards. An internal passport system was instituted in 1932 to restrict movement. Passports, which were issued only to urban residents (passports were not issued to all citizens until 1974), were required when applying for a job or housing, getting married or divorced. Another requirement was the propiska or residence permit. One had to be officially registered at one's place of residence with the passport section of the local militia. It was particularly hard to obtain a propiska in Moscow. To get the propiska one has to demonstrate that one has housing, and to be registered for housing, one has to have the local propiska. Residence permits were also required in order to get a job.

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good Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

1.Mr. Good writes and publishes books which require a significantly greater investment of time and effort than would, for example, writing a blog and one assumes an author of a book would be less willing to sacrifice credibility than would a potentially anonymous writer of a blog. 2. Mr. Good is not benefitting financially in an out-sized way from his publications and efforts. 3. Mr. Good is often cited as a reputable source by experts in the field. 4. I cannot identify bias or judgment in his choice of wording. 5. Mr. Good’s writings evidence consistency and 6. Mr. Good’s depth and breadth of knowledge evidence the tremendous energy he has put into his research which further suggests that he is genuine.

* * * * * * *

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arkansas 229.ark.00 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

Hillary left Washington and followed her heart to Arkansas, marrying Bill Clinton in 1975. The couple taught together on the law faculty of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Their daughter, Chelsea, was born in 1980.

As First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary continued to work tirelessly on behalf of children and families. In addition to chairing the Arkansas Education Standards Committee, she founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. She introduced a pioneering program called Arkansas Home Instruction for Preschool Youth, which trained parents to work with their children in preschool preparedness and literacy. Hillary also served on the board of the Arkansas Children's Hospital. In recognition of her professional and personal accomplishments, Hillary was named Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983 and Arkansas Mother of the Year in 1984.

Like her predecessors, Hillary Rodham Clinton brings to the role of First Lady of the United States her own special talents, experience, style, and interests. The President appointed her to head his Task Force on national Health Care Reform, one of his highest priorities on taking office.

Women's International Center proudly presents the Living Legacy Award to Hillary Rodham Clinton for her vast contributions in so many fields, especially honoring her work for women and children.